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Monster trucks in A-All Mini Storage are amazing

The world racing season gives fans incredible emotions every year. Autumn arrival A-All Mini Storage harmoniously complements the overall picture of pleasure. Standard race cars no longer surprise anyone: monster trucks – the discovery of a new world.

Impressive shows and monster truck rides

Unforgettable racing pleasure itself is outstanding. But even better – additional services are available to visitors. A-All Mini Storage offers fans autograph sessions with the best drivers, car rentals, and exciting shows.

60 minutes before the start of the races, visitors get the opportunity to try for themselves how the driver of the car feels. There is a day and night show. Daytime starts at 15:00, and evening – at 19:00.

Accordingly, the races themselves begin directly after an hour. The organizers initially warn about different tickets for different shows. One ticket allows you to attend one of the events.

An example schedule looks like this:

Day event Night event
Time Activity Time Activity
14:45-15:00 Opening Ceremony 18:45-19:00 Opening Ceremony
15:00-16:00 Show 19:00-20:00 Show
16:00-17:30 Main Racing 20:00-21:30 Main Racing
18:00 Award Ceremony 22:00 Award Ceremony


More than enough time to enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest. Visitors must take care to arrive at the site on time. Have time to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Ticket price and terms policy

Naturally, free events are rare. Ticket money is just a small price to pay for the amount of fun you get. In the case of A-All Mini Storage, tickets are divided into three categories – adults, children, and infants.

All tickets are public.

Category Price Quantity
Adult $20 Up to 5000
Children (aged 2-12) $10 Unlimited
Infants (aged up to 2) Free Unlimited


The organizers also warn that all state taxes and fees are not included in the price. Announced sales are final. The organizers do not provide the possibility of returning the funds spent. There is also no exchange option. The seller recommends that you carefully study the desired product in advance and carefully select the necessary options.

Tickets cannot be exchanged if the buyer makes a mistake. Force majeure happens. Force majeure events include the rescheduling of an event due to weather conditions. In this case, tickets remain valid at the time of the new date and time.

At the location, there is a ban on bringing your own drinks and food. Upon arrival, personal belongings can be checked. Do not rush to get upset. The location is rich in various food places. Visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of cuisines and cocktails from all over the world. The organizers also warn about the ban on pets, weapons, and glassware.

Features of monster truck racing

The monster truck is a racing car, very often it is a pickup truck. Sometimes cars have a closed bodies. Engineers have redesigned the structure, adding huge wheels, cool suspension, and a powerful engine.

Off-road racing often includes such machines. The monster truck has much in common with a wheeled snow and swamp vehicle. But despite the external similarities, the latter is used in difficult road conditions.

The monster truck was first introduced by Bob Chandler under the name BigFoot. The base was a four-wheel drive Ford 250.

Modern trucks are often not pickups. The name still remains due to the shape of the body. Each car is unique. Unique suspensions, chassis, and ground clearance are custom-built. An engine is installed in front, which has a mechanical boost.

The big advantage is hydraulic steering. The front axle of the machines is driven directly by the engine. The rear axle is controlled by the driver using switches.

Main machine models
Title Carcase Creation year
Batman author’s project 2006
Bigfoot Ford F-250  1975
Bounty Hunter Ford Expedition 2000
Cyborg Ford F-150  early 1990s
El Toro Loco author’s project 2001
Grave Digger Chevy Panel 1981
Iron Outlaw Ford Expedition 2005 
Raminator Dodge Ram 2002
Scarlet Bandit Ford Expedition 2000


The main elements of cars have a security system. Among the main ones are several ignition adapters. They are located in different parts of the body. This allows the engine to automatically shut off during a rollover.

The driver sits on the left side of the cabin. And the entire interior is covered with polycarbonate. Polycarbonate protects against dirt. The driver himself puts on a special uniform made of fireproof material. In addition to the uniform, there must be a helmet and neck protection.

Incredible race track for A-All Mini Storage

All American Speedway. It was this track that became the venue for today’s event. The general manager is Toyota Roseville. The track opened over 65 years ago. In 1954, Toyota Roseville held the official opening ceremony for a court on the grounds of Roseville, California.

The track was created one-third of a mile long. More than five divisions of NASCAR racing can be provided at the same time. The track is in the shape of an oval. The distance was originally a quarter mile, but in 2008 part of the track was repaired and added to the total length of the roadway.

The races were not always the same.

Time Event quantity
1954-1977 3
1977-1982 5
1982-2008 16
2008-2014 23
2014-2022 36


The track hosts the SRL Southwest Tour every year. From the very beginning of the site’s foundation, the organizers held the ARCA Menards Series West and NASCAR Winston Grand National West Series races.

A-All Mini Storage is an American racing dream

It is A-All Mini Storage that will be able to prove to you the greatness of this sports discipline. Adrenals and emotions received on the court cannot be compared with anything. Now is the time to agree to discover a new pleasure.

You definitely won’t regret it.