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Fantastic Shows at Roseville Raceway

It is the Californian town of Roseville October 22 would explode with two shows that will take place on All American Speedway. The famous A-All Mini Storage Malicious Monster Truck Bash will demonstrate its features, which can be enjoyed by those who bought passes in advance.

After all, now both races are fully sold out. Usually, for such a show guests can buy a ticket right before the start at the box office. But not currently. Already a few days before the start of the event there was no one left.

Monster Truck Event schedule

Two races are planned, which would take place in the afternoon and in the evening. Below is a detailed schedule.

  Daytime Evening
Opening 14:00 18:00
Pre-Party 14:00–15:00 18:00–19:00
Monster Truck Race 15:00 19:00


During the Pre-Party, visitors would enjoy an autograph session, ride on monster trucks, and, of course, a fun atmosphere. It is allowed to visit with children here and even a family visit is recommended!

An important note, please note that tickets are not interchangeable, so you won’t be able to get into the evening show with a daytime pass.

Ticket prices for the monster truck race

There are sold out, but we note the prices that were valid without considering taxes and fees of the services on which tickets were sold.

The cost of an adult ticket is $20, children from 2 to 12 years old – $10, and children under one year old – free of charge. It is worth noting that tickets and documents are checked at the entrance, so do not forget to take them with you.

Monster Truck show location

The monster truck will take place at the All-American Speedway in Roswell, California, which is easily accessible from the airport in Sacramento. Food and drinks will be sold on-site, so don’t worry.

Please note that guests will have access to the only car park, At The Grounds, which must be entered from Junction Blvd. If you arrive too late, there is a chance that there may be no parking spaces left, so make sure you arrive and find a parking space well in advance.

COVID-19 restrictions at the event

Make sure you are familiar with the current Covid restrictions at the time of the event.

Event guests are required to comply with requirements set by state or local authorities on the day of the event, so requirements may change. We recommend familiarizing ourselves with them directly on October 22, the day of the event.

Race visitors may be required to wear a mask, subject to regulations at the time of the races unless they are actively consuming food or drink.

Also, guests have to maintain a social distance from those people who are not part of the group with which they arrived.