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A-All Mini Storage has plans to replenish the car garage

The opening of the upcoming racing season always means great changes in the sports world. In the case of monster trucks, constant upgrades are necessary. The development of monster trucks in principle – was a big breakthrough. The racing and stunt industry also does not stand still. Creating up-to-date epic stunts requires upgrading cars.

The decision was born to create an ideal

After the 2021 A-All Mini Storage season, the decision was made to create a wholly upgraded version of the car. The prototype was Grave Digger. This car has shown incredible results in the races of past seasons.

Several unforeseen situations during the performance of tricks made me think. The pilot and trainer turned to the developers with a request for modernization. The developers took on the task with pleasure.

The developers come up with a new monster

Initially, a decision was made on full or partial modernization. The complete one included a change in the body model. Partial one includes the improvement of all possible processes. The basis of the body – Chevy Panel – is considered one of the best.

The developers have decided on a partial improvement. Work has begun. A few months of work and millions of efforts have done their job. After 4 and a half months, a new car was introduced to the world – Grave Digger Pro Plus.

Distinctive features of the new Grave Digger Pro Plus

The body of the improved unit remained the same – based on the Chevy Panel. Among the other main moderations, the following should be singled out.

Grave Digger Grave Digger Pro Plus
Fuel type Methanol Fuel type Methanol + gas
Fuel consumption per race/show 80 liters Fuel consumption per race/show 100 liters
Fuel tank volume 90 liters Fuel tank volume 120 liters
Takeoff altitude Up to 11 meters (up to 35 feet) Takeoff altitude Up to 15 meters (up to 47 feet)
Suspension overload 150G Suspension overload 195G
Pilot’s capacity 2.5G Pilot’s capacity 5G
Max speed Up to 130 kilometers per hour Max speed Up to 165 kilometers per hour
Acceleration speed up to 100 kilometers per hour Up to 5 seconds Acceleration speed up to 100 kilometers per hour Up to 4.1 seconds
Wheel diameter  40 inches Wheel diameter 45 inches
Horsepower 850 horsepower Horsepower 1000 horsepower
Dimension 1650mm x 1130mm x 610mm Dimension 1720mm x 1235mm x 655mm


According to the data presented in the table, the advantages of the improved version are visible to the naked eye. In fact, we will be able to see them next season.

A-All Mini Storage will test the novelty in the new season

2022 will be a pivotal year in terms of testing improved monster trucks. Grave Digger Pro Plus will be one of those. Many viewers and fans expect to see an incredible show.