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The monster truck managed to avoid a fatal crash

A-All Mini Storage is one of the most incredible racing events in America. Incredibly spectacular races, super fast drivers, and endless adrenaline. What can happen? Sometimes, not everything goes according to plan. This is what happened in the 2021 A-All Mini Storage season.

No signs of trouble

All fans, spectators, drivers, and sponsors have been waiting for the 2021 season. All tickets were sold out long before the first race. Adrenaline was running high before the start of the event.

According to tradition, an hour before the races, spectators gathered for entertainment activities. Signing sessions with the best heroes of the races, the opportunity to ride on monster trucks, and get endless fun. After an hour of activities at two o’clock in the afternoon and at seven in the evening, the actual races began.

Who is the hero of the story

A driver named Ryan Disharoon was the clear favorite for the competition. A lot of fans argued about the high chances of him winning. Ryan Disharoon is an experienced athlete who rides a track called the Saigon Shaker.

This car was modified and upgraded to almost perfect condition before the racing season. Excellent suspension and improved shock absorbers gave greater maneuverability and safety. Everything indicated that the victory in the event should go to Saigon Shaker.

At one point something went wrong on A-All Mini Storage

The race started according to the traditional rules. Everything went according to plan. Drivers-favorites went to the level. At one point, Ryan Disharoon started pulling ahead. The audience has already managed to rejoice at the successful breakthrough.

The distance began with obstacles. Monster truck tricks are almost always successful. However, during one of the last spectacular stunts, the car seemed to lose control from the driver and took its own trajectory.

A second later, the car crashed into the spectator section. There is only one conclusion – miraculously, the section remained empty and no one was hurt, including the driver himself.

A fluke saved dozens of lives

Earlier we said that all tickets were sold out. A perfectly logical question – how did it happen that the spectator section turned out to be completely empty? Fluke. There are no other answers. The fault was the organizers.

The organizers made a mistake on the site. They marked one of the sections initially as sold out. Thus, no one was able to buy tickets to that zone.

A-All Mini Storage proves that a mistake is not always a bad thing

If not for the accident, perhaps the organizers would have suffered serious losses. But, given the current situation, the media and journalists developed this topic as a sign from above. Sometimes a mistake can lead to fatal consequences.

And sometimes – the mistake contributes to the positive. We can only take into account such experience in the future and thank the higher powers for saving lives.